Hello, My name is Steve Redrup and I am the owner of Derby Evolution. Derby Evolution is located in New Concord, Ohio. My son and I both started racing Pinewood Derby® cars at our local cub scout pack. We did very well racing locally and soon looked for ways to get even faster.

We discovered the racing league PWDRacing. This was a new level of Pinewood Derby® racing that we had not seen before. We were surprised to find there are a lot of people that enjoy racing Pinewood Derby® cars and enjoyed racing them all year long.

Our first live league race was the Lima Land Open held in Lima, Ohio. That race was an eye opener, there were many very fast Pinewood Derby® cars there. My son and I were able to meet many great people at the race that we are friends with to this day. That day I learned that there was so much more that I could learn about racing these cars. My son and I then started racing with the PWDRacing league.

Each League racer has to have a racing name. My son quickly decided his racing name would be Sky Racing, but it took me a little more time to decide. I thought about it for a while and how my pinewood derby cars were evolving. Evolution Racing was born!

Our next big live league race was the 2009 Bluegrass Nationals sponsored by PWDRacing. The race was held in KY. The race was large and brought in the top racers from across the country. When the racing was all done, we ended up having a good showing. Sky did very well and I placed in two divisions.

In 2010 Derby Evolution was born. I wanted to bring my great Pinewood Derby® style products to market. These products include pinewood derby® wheels, pinewood derby® axles, weights, stencils, pinewood derby® tools, and speed supplies. We are constantly working to develope new products and techniques.

In 2011 we began running the races for PWDRacing and relocated the league to Zanesville, Ohio. This allowed us to better see how our products are being used by the professional and cub scout pinewood derby racers. If you really enjoy racing your pinewood derby® car then you should check out the monthly league races at PWDRacing league. In 2013 we passed the torch of running the monthly league races to Warren Kalsow AKA Mr. Slick, he has a passion for helping scouts and Pinewood Derby. This allowed us to focus on our customers and making great products.

I am often asked what titles or races that we have won. I will list them below, but please know that I do not believe that the races we have won is a good representation of our products. I believe the best representation is the races that have been won by the racers all over our great nation while using our products.

Evolution Racing's titles include:

  • 2011 PWDRacing- Extreme Pro Modified Champion
  • 2011 WIPR- Extreme Pro Modified Champion
  • 2010 East Coast Derby Nationals- Super Pro Modified Champion
  • 2010 Bluegrass Nationals- Mills-Craft Factory Stock Champion
  • 2010 WIPR- Extreme Pro Modified Champion
  • 2010 WIPR- Overall builder of the year
  • 2010 Lima Land Open- Pure Stock Champion
  • 2010 Lima Land Open- Extreme Pro Modified Champion
  • 2009 WIPR- Pure Stock Champion
  • 2009 WIPR- Stock Champion
  • 2009 WIPR- Modified Champion
  • 2009 WIPR- Overall builder of the year

Sky Racing's titles include:

  • 2010 Bluegrass Nationals- Youth Stock Champion
  • 2010 Lima Land Open- Youth Limited Champion
  • 2010 Lima Land Open- Youth Stock Champion
  • 2009 Bluegrass Nationals- Youth Pure Stock Champion
  • 2009 Bluegrass Nationals- Youth Limited Champion
  • 2009 Bluegrass Nationals- Youth Stock Champion
  • 2009 Bluegrass Nationals- Youth Modified Champion

Thank you for viewing my site and online store, Steve Redrup Derby Evolution