1/4 inchTungsten Cubes  1oz
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Derby Evolution tungsten cubes are .25 x .25 x .25 square and weight .17 oz each. 1/4" Tungsten Cubes allow for low profile designs. They allow weight to be moved around enabling you to find the best place to put the weight in the body for the most speed. This is the ideal weighting method for the low profile cars.

Tungsten is the world's 4th heaviest metal. It weighs up to 1.7 times as much as lead and over 3 times the weight of the Zinc/Pewter weights. The high density of tungsten make these the perfect weights for Pinewood Derby Cars. 

Proper weight placement gives you better control of your pinewood derby car. Tungsten with having a high a density allows for more concentrated weight placement. Tungsten is also non-toxic so it is safe for your child to handle!

4oz nominal weight, actual weight ranges from 3.9 to 4.1 ounces

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1/4 inchTungsten Cubes 1oz

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