1.5 gram Maximum Velocity Pro Speed Wheels
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The NPWDRL Truck Spec Class Pinewood Derby Wheels are machined from official Maximum Velocity wheels. We will provide you with the best wheels on the market! 

NPWDRL Truck Spec Wheels Feature:

  • CNC Machined to exacting standards
  • Reactor outside hub design, the outside hub has been machined true
  • Fusion inner hub design, the inner hub has been machined true and reconed
  • Wheels weighs 1.5 grams
  • Wheel tread turned concentric to the bore
  • Tread surface is machined flat, 1.12 OD
  • Inside edge of the wheel is machined true
  • Tread surface is narrowed to 7.5mm
  • All offical lettering remains on the inside and outside of the wheel
  • Each set contains 4 wheels



The NPWDRL Truck Spec Class wheels can be raced without any additional preparation, but for the best performance please follow these steps.

  • It is important to prepare the wheels for the proper lubrication. Each wheel bore should be polished resulting in a slippery smooth surface. As an example, do not use graphite to polish if you are going to use oil as your lubrication.
  • The hub (inside and out) along with the inner edge of the wheels should be polished to a slippery smooth finish
  • If you are not sure how to prepare a set of wheels consider having Derby Evolution prepare your wheels with the Revolution Race Prep Process

These wheels are legal for:

  • The Truck Spec Class at NPWDRL
  • Some cub scout races

Please check your rules to make sure these wheels are legal for your race!

  • Item #: 1.5gr

1.5 gram Maximum Velocity Pro Speed Wheels

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