47SRB Solid Axle
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The 47SRB Solid Bearing Axles by Derby Evolution measure .091 into the body and then step down to .047 where the bearing rides. This allows for a precise fit between the bearing inner race and the axle. The length of the center .091 section measures 1.75 inch, and the .047 bearing axle on each end is .5 of a inch.  These bearing axles are the perfect size for whatever class you are allowed to run them in. This allows you to get the ultimate speed from your Pinewood Derby Car.

The fastest bearing setups are using bearings with an inner race that measures .0469, the 47SRB is designed to be just oversize allowing the user to polish the axle to the exact diameter and giving the precise press fit. Using an axle that is to small allows the inner race to turn on the axle, slowing your car down. The best axles will fit the inner race and not allow it to spin on the axle. 

The 47SRB Axles Feature:

  • Manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel

  • Full radiused ends, making them much easier to use

  • The best finish of any axle on the market, making them the easiest to polish

  • Manufactured on state of the art CNC machines, these axles are second to none

  • The straightest axle on the market

  • Designed and tested by pro racers to be the fastest axles on the market

  • The Derby Evolution line of axles is currently being used by multiple National Champions

Each set comes with (1) 47SRB Solid Bearing Axle.

Make sure and read your derby rules to make sure this axle is legal for your derby.


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47SRB Solid Axle

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