Aero Wheel
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The Derby Evolution Areo Wheels are CNC lathe turned from official Pinecar wheels. The weight of the wheel is reduced to 2 grams for using as a raised wheel at the professional league level. When it comes to league racing we all know areodynamics are vital to a winning car. These wheels are designed to allow the raised wheel on your car to be very aerodynamic. These wheels are turned to a much smaller diameter then the standard BSA wheels allowing a less wind resitance. When used with the Derby Evolution fenders it provides a optimal raised wheel solution for your Pinewood Derby car.

The Derby Evolution raised wheels feature:

  • CNC lathe turned to 2 grams
  • CNC lathe turned to a smaller diameter then standard BSA wheels providing the most aerodynamic raised wheel option available.
  • Race results and testing show decreased times, others are reporting a decrease in times up to .005!


Can be installed in normal raised wheel position or at the 45 degree angle. If you are desiring the best results add the Derby Evolution Stinger fenders up against the wheel and tape the open area to prevent air to flow into the wheel and fender.

Remember to check your rules to make sure these raised wheels are legal for your race.



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Aero Wheel

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