Axle Extraction Pliers
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These axle extraction pliers will greatly simplify removing your nail or pin style axles. The curved and grooved jaws of the axle extraction pliers provide strong and even gripping power on the axle head, minimizing the risk of damage to the axle. This gives the user maximum leverage to remove the axle. Just grasp the axle head and gently remove the axle with a twist-and-pull motion.

These pliers are used by many of the pro level racers to remove their axles. The pros know that keeping their axles in great condition is important and a vital part of their success. If you are using a tool that causes damage to the axle or axle head, consider changing to the axle extraction pliers and save yourself a lot of time and money.


The axle extraction pliers are designed for use on nail and pin-type axles offered by BSA, Derby Evolution,  MV, PineCar, RA's, and Awana. The pliers are not intended for use on screw-type axles (Royal Ranger/S&W) or on solid rod axles (PineCar). To use the axle extraction pliers follow the instructions below and please read the section at the end entitled "Important Notes".

Standard pliers will not work with some wheel types, such as those offered by Awana and PineCar, because the jaws will not fit into the open space in the wheel, these axle extraction pliers work great with Awana and PineCar wheels!

Important Notes:

1. Use care when extracting tight axles, the axles could be bent.

2. Use care to pull the axles straight out of the block; avoid pulling at an angle. If you pull the axles at an angle the axle could be bent.

3. Use of the axle extraction pliers may lightly scratch the outer edge or rim of the axle head. Since most axle heads are tapered, this scarring will not affect the performance of the axle.

4. The axle extraction pliers can remove axles that are glued in place with white or yellow glue. However, if axles are glued into the car with epoxy (or similar), the epoxy must be softened or removed before extracting the axle.



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Axle Extraction Pliers

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