Derby Evolution axle polishing kits contain a variety of ultra fine sandpaper ranging from 1000 grit to 3000 grit. With this kit you will be able to put a perfect finish on your axles. Each piece has been laser engraved with the grit so that you always know which piece you are using. Each kit will polish multiple sets of axles.

Includes 2 strips cut to .350 x 5" of each of the following grit: 

  • 1000 grit
  • 1500 grit
  • 2000 grit
  • 2500 grit
  • 3000 grit


  1. Insert axle into a drill or drill press, lathe, ect and start
  2. Use a file to remove the crimp marks on the axle head and shaft (if using a raw BSA axle)
  3. Apply sandpaper to the spinning axle for 10 seconds for 1000 grit, 15 seconds for 1500 grit, 20 seconds for 2000 grit, and so on
  4. Polish the portion of the axle on which the wheel will spin
  5. Polish the under the axle head
  6. Repeat the above steps for each axle


  • Item #: PK002

Axle Polishing Strip Kit

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