BB Extreme Oil
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Introducing the Buckeye Brew Extreme Oil (BB Extreme)! After months of testing and adjustment we are finally happy with our end product. With the combine info and testing from the Lead Chemist in PWD oils, the former owner of Derby Evolution, and our modifications we can offer you the fastest oil on the market! Through our testing and separate independent testing we have seen time of .006-.009 faster then standard Krytox GPL 100. The beautiful part of this oil is it gives you race day oil performance, but in a oil you don't have to flood the bores with and your prep will hold for over a month in a open air environment (to be determined how long it will hold). Each purchase of BB Extreme includes; 1 bottle of oil containing 2.5cc of oil, and one syringe for applying oil to axles. With this oil you will only need 1 drop on each axle with the supplied syringe. With that little being required on each wheel 2.5cc should be able to prep 70-100 cars! As with many of the products offered in Pinewood Derby Racing you will need to test and figure out what amount of oil works best for you and your prep.  We are here to help you along the way. Be looking for a how to video soon.

For this first batch  we are limiting the total amount of oil orders to 2 bottles per racer. We want to make sure it remains available to as many as possible. If you try to order more than 2 bottles your order will be cancelled and money refunded.

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BB Extreme Oil

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