Derby Evolution Car Carrier
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Derby Evolution Car Carrier

The safest way to ship or transport your Pinewood Derby car!

Building the best derby car is only the first step in having a sucessful race. You have spent countless hours perfecting your race car, why take a chance on it getting damaged on the way to the race?

If you are taking your car to the race or you are proxy racing this is the safest way to make sure your car arrives ready to race. Why take a chance it will get damaged while driving to the race or while with a shipping service (have you seen some of the latest videos of the shipping companies)!

The Derby Evolution Shipping- Transport Container can help make sure your car arrives to the big race, ready to race! This is also the most efficent way to ship your race cars. You can fit up to 6 of these containers in a single large flat rate box. This Shipping- Transport Container makes it easy for your car to be repacked and shipped back to you safely.

The kit will requires customization for each car so some tools are required. You can either router the foam for the shape of your car or you can use the foam cut out for the wheels and use that foam to secure your car.

The kit includes a shipping box either 8x3x2 or 8x4x2, a 8x3x1 or 8x4x1 piece of foam, and a 8x1x1 piece of the foam to secure the car.

Limit 4 per order or additional shipping will be charged before the order ships!

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Derby Evolution Car Carrier

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