Falcon Pinewood Derby Car Body
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The Falcon Pinewood Derby Car Body is designed for speed. All Derby Evolution laser cut Pinewood Derby bodies are designed for the ultimate performance. The body designs, weight pockets, center of mass, and aerodynamics are all optimized for top performance. All body's are now avalible with the steer drilled in them.(Easy Steer) The Easy Steer will steer the car into the rail at a rate of 3-4 inches over 4ft. No Bent axles need, super easy plug and play option.

All add on parts in this listing are mark 10% off regular price! Add on and SAVE!!!

  • The rear axle location is 5/8" from the rear of the body, so you can configure the body with almost any wheelbase
  • Low profile 1/4" body
  • Laser cut design
  • Designed for use with 1/4" tungsten cubes, Tungsten is non-toxic and more dense then lead.
  • Designed for optimum weight placement
  • Low center of mass
  • Designed for drilled axle holes.

Have Derby Evolution drill your axle holes for you. Derby Evolution uses a precision drill press and a CNC machined fixture to hold the wood square to the drill press. If you are desiring great axle holes, have Derby Evolution drill your axles holes.

Directions to finish:

  • Glue cover plate to the body and clamp together. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hrs or till completely dry
  • Sand car to final shape
  • Prime
  • Paint
  • Clear coat
  • For a car that will stand out from the crowd check out our selection of painting stencils
  • Item #: Falcon

Falcon Pinewood Derby Car Body

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