Hammerhead Pinewood Derby Car Body Slim
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The Hammerhead Pinewood Derby Car Body is latest design from Derby Evolution. All Derby Evolution laser cut Pinewood Derby bodies are designed for the ultimate performance. The body designs, weight pockets, center of mass, and aerodynamics are all optimized for top performance. This body has been specially designed for our Heavy Hitter weight.

  • Wheelbase length of 5.2"

  • Laser cut from Basswood

  • Low profile 1/4" body

  • Laser cut design

  • Designed for use with Derby Evolution Heavy Hitter weight, Tungsten is non-toxic and more dense than lead.

  • Designed for optimum weight placement

  • Low center of mass

  • Designed for drilled axle holes

  • 1/8" Balsa top cover

Have Derby Evolution drill your axle holes for you. Derby Evolution uses a precision drill press and a CNC machined fixtures or a precision drill fixture to drill axle holes. If you are desiring the best axle holes, have Derby Evolution drill your axles holes.

Options for drilling include, drilling the the axle holes at the bottom of the body to allow for a variety of different wheel sizes. Also we are offering to cut the rear axle housing out and installing the Heavy Hitter weight.

  • Item #: Hammer

Hammerhead Pinewood Derby Car Body Slim

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