Max V Graphite lube

Max-V-Lube dry graphite is a proprietary blend of high-purity natural flake graphite for pinewood derby cars. After extensive testing against other brands of graphite, we are offering Max-V-Lube as our premier graphite for pinewood derby performance. The needle tip on the bottle makes applying a breeze. If your race requires the use of dry lube then this is the graphite you are wanting!  

Basic Application

Apply Max-V-Lube as follows: 

  1. Fill the bore of the wheel with graphite.

  2. Insert an axle into the wheel bore.

  3. With one hand, firmly grasp the axle and hold the axle horizontal to the ground.

  4. With the other hand, spin the wheel gently -- don't drop the axle.

  5. Deposit some lube into the gap between the axle and wheel bore.

  6. Tap the wheel gently to help move the lube down into the wheel bore.

  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6, atleast 2 more times.

After performing this procedure keep the wheel/axle pairs together as a unit. 

Advanced Application:   At this point we are assuming that the axle and in the inner wheel bore have been polished and prepped.

  1. Spay the prepped axles with lemon Pledge, wipe off excess with clean paper towel.
  2. Fill wheel bore with graphite.
  3. Insert axle into wheel bore.
  4. With one hand, firmly hold the axle with the axle head facing the ground.
  5. Spin the wheel.
  6. Apply more graphite to the wheel bore while the axle is still inserted.
  7. Spin the wheel.
  8. Apply graphite one last time.
  9. Insert axle and wheel assy. into car. 
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Max V Graphite lube

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