Mold Matched BSA Wheels (NPWDRL Box Stock)

Mold Matched BSA Wheels


Each set will contain 4 wheels in the color of your choice.

Mold matched set of official BSA pinewood derby wheels with matching mold numbers for consistent wheel diameter and hub/bore size. These are the new style of BSA wheels. No machining has been done on these wheels.


For the best performance please follow these steps. 

  • It is important to prepare the wheels for the proper lubrication. Each wheel bore should be polished resulting in a slippery smooth surface. As an example, do not use graphite to polish if you are going to use oil as your lubrication.
  • The hub (inside and out) along with the inner edge of the wheels should be polished to a slippery smooth finish
  • If you are not sure how to prepare a set of wheels consider having Derby Evolution prepare your wheels with the Revolution Race Prep Process


  • Item #: MMBSA001

Mold Matched BSA Wheels (NPWDRL Box Stock)

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