Nellie Faye Balsa Fenders and Bat Fenders
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The Nellie Faye fenders will certainly make your Pinewood Derby car stand out from the competition. The Nellie Faye style fenders have been tested by three vendors and all have found that they can increase the speed of a Pinewood Derby car. This fender design has been run at local scout events and at national pro races with great results. The Nellie Faye design was first used by Spacewalker Racing on his car Nellie Faye at PWDRacing in the pure stock class.

Nellie Faye Balsa fenders and Bat Fenders feature:

  •  Two 1/8" balsa pieces and one 1/8" spacer per side
  •  Spacers are designed so that the racer does not have to worry about the fender hitting the center rail of the track
  •  Designed to be run on a standard 4 3/8" wheelbase
  •  Can be sanded to blend in with the car body


These fenders will need to be glued together to form the complete fenders. Derby Evolution recommends using wood glue when gluing the fenders together.


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Nellie Faye Balsa Fenders and Bat Fenders

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