Pinewood Derby Car Inspection Box
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Derby Evolution's Car Inspection Box will help you make your Pinewood Derby Car inspection a breeze.  Laser-cut Bass wood and acrylic make assembly a piece of cake. After your race inspection the box breaks down for ease of storage. Inspect your cars with accuracy and style, with Derby Evolutions inspection box!

The Car Inspection gauge allows you to easily measure the following criteria:

  • Car Dimensions - If the car fits fully inside the gauge (with the door inserted), then the car meets the standard dimension limits of:

    • 2-3/4 inches maximum width,

    • 7 inches maximum length,

    • 1-3/4 inches minimum wheel spacing, and

  • Underbody Clearance - If the bottom of the car clears the guide rail then the car meets the 3/8 inch minimum underbody clearance.

  • Wheelbase Length - If your organization has restrictions on wheelbase length, you can mark those limits on the side of the gauge.

  • Start Pin - Verifies that no part of the car extends past the starting pin.

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Pinewood Derby Car Inspection Box

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