Precision 6 Ball Wheel Bearings
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Derby Evolution wheel earingsb are 3/64 (0.0469) X 5/32 (0.1562) X 1/16 (0.0625). These stainless flanged bearings are ABEC 7 and have radial play of .0002-.0005. These bearing have 6 balls per bearing. Price is per bearing.

Most bearing wheels require two bearings per wheel, please check with your wheel supplier to see how many bearings are needed.

These bearings are for League Racing, Outlaw Racing, and open class racing. Many people have used Derby Evolution Bearings to win their races. Derby Evolution and Sky Racing have used these bearings to win multiple national titles in various bearing classes. These are the best bearings for your Pinewood Derby car!

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Precision 6 Ball Wheel Bearings

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