Simple Green final bore sealer
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Finally a final bore sealer that is simple to use. It as easy as wiping it on and wiping it off. No need for days of curing, or drying. When you use this sealer you can see how fast it works, it will start to repel itself as soon as you apply it. This is a bore finish sealer, so it is to be used after you have polished your bore to the shine you are looking for.  This sealer is insanely hyrophobic and works amazingly for both Krytox oil, and graphite lubes.  From testing we have also found that it loves a reprep.

Instruction for Simple Green bore application

  1. Once bore is polished to your liking wash wheels with Dawn dish soap to remove any excess polish
  2. Dry wheels completely
  3. Apply Simple Green Bore sealer to a no scratch bore applicator
  4. Insert bore applicator into wheel bore and work in sealer
  5. Make sure you seal the inner and outer bores as well (we coat the whole wheel with the sealer)
  6. Once wheel is coated to your liking use a microfiber towel and buff off remaining sealer
  7. To remove the remaing sealer from inside the bore use a extra fully pipe cleaner and buff clean
  8. Using compressed air blow out any remaining fibers and you wheels are now ready

 Reprep instruction

  1. Remove wheels from car
  2. clean wheels with Dawn dish soap
  3. Reapply sealer as before
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Simple Green final bore sealer

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