Stencil 006
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Derby Evolution paint stencils can turn your ordinary paint job into a professional looking paint job. If you are looking to make your pinewood derby car stand out from all the other cars at your race, these stencils can make that happen.


1)Paint the car body with a good primer, allow to dry. Apply your color coat. Let it dry for at least 24 hrs. I normally add a light coats of clear after it dries, this prevents any lifting of the color coat.

2)Peel off the white backing from the stencil and place the stencil on the car body in the desired location. You can place it anywhere on the body and tape it off for a custom look.

3)Peel the clear film off and then tape off the body except where the stencil image is.

4)Paint the area of the stencil with your desired color. Allow to dry for a few minutes then remove the tape and stencil.

5)After the paint has dried, clear coat over the entire car body. Allow to dry for at least 24 hrs.

Tip- Most cars are only sanded on the bottoms and not painted. This allows for less touching of the car while painting and less chance for damage to the paint. If needing to finish the bottom of the car, try staining it after the paint is dry.

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Stencil 006

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