Streamline Balsa Fenders
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Streamline Balsa Fenders

Derby Evolution is proud to present the Balsa Streamline fenders. The balsa Streamline fenders are developed with the latest research and track testing resulting in  fenders proven to provide speed gains. Aerodynamics are essential in producing the fastest pinewood derby cars and the new Balsa Streamline fenders have been engineered to provide the aerodynamics advantage for your Pinewood Derby car.  This kit does not come perfectly pre-shaped for your car. You will have to attach these to your car and finish shaping them to your desire look and fitment. 

Balsa Full Fenders feature:

  •  Engineered using CAD
  •  Laser cut Balsa Wood
  •  Ultra lite weight
  •  Track tested, designed an tested for the ultimate aerodynamic performance
  •  Includes 4 fenders

Derby Evolution's Streamline Balsa fenders give the builder the choice on how  they want to shape their fenders. Our fenders come as a one piece 3/8's wide fenders that can be further shaped by the builder to get the ultimate sleek fenders..

This fender kit includes 4- fender pieces that need glued together to form 2 fenders. The builder will need to glue the pieces together to form each fender. The glue adds strength to the wood while still maintaining the light weight properties that these fenders offer. Derby Evolution recommends using CA glue when gluing the pieces together.

It is common knowledge that aerodynamics play a "vital" role in building the fastest Pinewood Derby cars. Are all Pinewood Derby cars shaped exactly alike? If not then how could a preshaped one size fits all fender be the best solution for your car. Don't be fooled by fancy marketing and don't pay to much for your fenders. Derby Evolution provides great fenders that can be shaped to your Pinewood Derby car at great prices!

The car shown is an example of what fenders can look like on your derby car!

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Streamline Balsa Fenders

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