Tungsten Putty 1oz
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Derby Evolution Tungsten Putty allows for maximum design flexibility and proper weight placement. It is moldable and will not harden under normal conditions. It is made from tungsten powder and polyner binders.

An easy way to fine tune your car is to use tungsten putty. It is malleable allowing you to place the last little bit of weight needed in your car. You can weight your Pinewood Derby car at home and bring the tungsten putty with you to the race to bring your car up to the final weight on race day.

 Why use Derby Evolution Tungsten Putty:

  • Allows for maximum design flexibility.
  • Allows for proper weight placement.
  • Can be molded to any design.
  • Will not harden under normal conditions.
  • Non toxic, safe for children to handle.
  • Saves you time! You can just add the right amount without breaking off weights or having to worry about finding the right size weight you may need.
  • Tungsten putty can be easily molded to any shape, so it can be placed anywhere on your car!
  • Tungsten putty denser than lead, allowing a lot of weight in a very small area on your Pinewood Derby car.
  • Tungsten putty is sticky, allowing it to stay on your Pinewood Derby car.
  • Concentrated weight means having more control with weight placement in your car to acheive the better center of mass.

 Directions for use:

  1. Pull, pinch, or cut off a small piece
  2. knead it unit it is pliable
  3. Press it into the car body or mold it into a shape and place it on the car body
  4. For best results place the putty into a hole or cavity in the body.

Tungsten is non-toxic and environmentally friendly so it is safe for children and adults to handle and work with. Remember Tungsten putty is not a toy, adult should supervise children while using. Keep it away from your mouth and wash hands after use.


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Tungsten Putty 1oz

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