Wheel Runout Gage
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The Wheel Runout Gage by Knotty Racing is a must have tool for every serious Pinewood Derby racer or scout pack. This tool allows scout packs or fathers to verify the quality of the wheels out of the box before the big race. No child should be at a disadvantage because they received wheels from the box, that were way out of round.

For the serious league racers, this tool allows you to verfiy the quality of the wheels you are using. For those that are purchasing their wheels from vendors, this tool allows you to check that you are receiving the product which you paid for. If you are one of the racers that cuts your own wheels, you need this tool to check the quality of your wheels so that you know your wheels can win the race!

Included with the gage is a .0965- gage pin and washers for spacing your wheels on the gage. as a option Derby Evolution can put your racing name or scout pack info on the tool. We can also put our logo on the back of the tool if you like to show your support for Derby Evolution and our products. The drop indicator is not included, but can be purchased as a option. If you want your racing name or pack information engraved please provide that information in the special instruction area at check out.



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Wheel Runout Gage

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