Welcome to Derby Evolution! We are so glad that you have found us. We hope that we can become an asset to you and your family in your Pinewood derby experience. Our family purchased the Derby Evolution business from it's founder (Steve Redrup) in May of 2017. That however is not when our passion for Pinewood derby racing began. Like most of you that will visit this site we were once handed a little box with a piece of wood some nails and wheels. We were pretty overwhelmed at the task that was placed before us, but we always love a new challenge. After many hours of internet research and buying a lot of stuff that we really didn't need, we were ready to build. Our first car was a success and we were bitten by the derby bug. That was 8 years ago. That PWD bug has grown into us hosting and running 1000+ of local scout races over the last 7 years. Two years ago we purchased the NPWDRL (National Pinewood Derby Racing League) and have with the help of it participants have grown it to new levels. (Shameless plug; Don't have to just race once a year. You can race all year long with the fastest Pinewood derby racers in the world. check it out here. www.NPWDRL.boards.net) Which leads us to where we are now. Here at Derby Evolution our goal is to help take away your stress by offering you quality parts and service at a reasonable price. As we continue to grow we hope to have videos and resources on how to use all of our products we offer effectively and efficiently. We are here to serve you so please don't hesitate to contact us with any comments, questions, or concerns. Thank you for your time, and enjoy your PWD success your about to have.