Trusted Manufacturers of Pinewood Derby Car Components

At Derby Evolution in St. George, UT, we take great pride in providing the highest-quality pinewood derby performance products. The parts we offer have helped both league and scout racers across the US get into the winner’s circle.

Why Choose Us


Race-Worthy Parts

We give you access to makes and models from those with firsthand experience in racing and winning in pinewood derby events. For track-worthy wheels and other parts, get in touch with us.


Wealth of Knowledge

Derby Evolution shares our expertise in the field to assist you. We offer helpful tips, tricks, as well as resources for derby aficionados and beginners.


Wide Selection of Products

Whether you need a wheel or a set of parts, we have you covered! Derby Evolution has the bits and pieces necessary to assemble an entire car. Many of our products are made in-house, allowing us to focus better on the quality. This helps ensure that our clients receive the best possible results when racing.